How to utilize your report to monetize your Instagram account:

1. Print or screen shot each page as soon as you generate it.

2. Read through the details and understand how the valuations were generated.

3. Google lists like "Top Ecommerce Stores Fashion" (or whatever industry you want to market for) to identify potential clients. Be creative in your Google search.

4. Email them a proposal with your report attached. Here is some guidance on how to craft your proposal email:

  • Introduce yourself in one or two sentences in a way that will make them want to keep reading what you have to say.
  • Explain why they would want to work with you. YOU need to help them understand what THEY would get out of it, in as few words as possible. To do this effectively, you need to do research beforehand! 🤓
  • Explain your strategy. How will you do what you're offering them? What is your desired outcome for them?
  • What are you asking for in return (how much $$)? Are you offering influence or content? or both? Define what you're offering. If you're selling influence, bring in your report and discuss the data-based pricing for your influence. Offering a discount to your data-based pricing is recommended, unless you're famous. If you're a celebrity, feel free to add a premium 👍. If you're selling content, the pricing depends on you. You're the artist selling their artwork... it's up to you to convince them what you think it's worth. Keep in mind, it's content they can use anywhere once they buy the rights for it from you. So if you're good with photoshop, video editing, can make amazing images and videos, or have partnerships with photographers and videographers, emphasize your ability to create custom content for them. In order to convince them, show them examples of your modeling pictures, videos, content, etc. If you're selling both, do both of the above.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get clients. It may take 100 or more emails before you get a paying client, so don't give up!

Reach out if you have any questions:

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